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Dr. (Capt) Anjali Mehta
(Specialist in Cataract & Oculoplastic Surgery)

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    Retina, Uveitis
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    Oculoplastics  (this includes)
    Diseases of the eyelids
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    Oculoplastics Surgeries
    Excimer Laser Lasik/Customised Lasik
    Uvea, Cornea, Glaucoma Surgeries

If you have been looking for a dependable, modern and well equipped eye care centre in South West Delhi, welcome to Vasundhara Eye Care Clinic.

Vasundhara Eye Clinic, Dwarka - Front ViewConveniently located in Ramphal Chowk, Dwarka’s busy Sector 7, We are a dependable, fully equipped one-stop & affordable Super Specialty Eye Centre with a team of experienced doctors and wonderful staff, trained to assist you with all your eye care needs. At Vasundhara, we use some of the most modern techniques & solutions for all eye ailments.

In addition to routine eye check up, treatment for all kinds of eye related disorders and eye diseases is available here such as cataract removal using the latest Phacoemulsification Technique, specialized care in Oculoplastics, Glaucoma, Retinal Problems, Squint (crossed eyes), and removal of spectacles (lasik).  

Operational since August 2008, Vasundhara Eye Clinic is well equipped with OPD and OT facilities, providing a high standard of primary, secondary and tertiary eye care to patients of all ages and from all sections of the society. Some of our regular patients include villagers as well as senior level professionals from the corporate world. Vasundhara Eye Clinic - Outside View

Services available to patients include - OPD Facilities, Oculoplastics, Therapeutics and Surgical facilities. Surgery for all eye problems is done using some of the latest technologies and specialized equipment.

The primary surgeon and owner of Vasundhara Eye Clinic Dr Anjali Mehta, MBBS, DO, DNB, is an ex-army surgeon with over 15 years experience in the medical profession and 12 years of experience in ophthalmology. In addition, Dr Padma Gupta, Dr Virendra Sharma (ENT Specialist), Dr Keerti Mundey (General ophthalmology), Dr. Rakhi and Dr Dinesh Kapoor (Anaesthetist on call) are Visiting Consultants at the clinic.

At Vasundhara Eye Clinic, we care for the underprivileged and understand the difficulties faced by those suffering from financial strife. We are committed to offering our specialized services to each and every member of the society and therefore, regularly organize eye care camps offering free services.

The guiding force behind our setup is a commitment to delivering excellence with compassion. We believe that vision is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind and this is why, at Vasundhara Eye Clinic New Delhi, we have made eye care our priority. Your absolute satisfaction is what we strive for. Contact us to book your appointment

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